Sous Vide Machines (Water Oven)

This article will focus more about sous vide machine (or sometimes referred to as water oven). But before we proceed, it is important to give some emphasis on the term “ sous vide “. What it is and how it is done.

Sous Vide: Sous vide is the kind of cooking food that is considered an untraditional way. It is believed that this technique of cooking has been practice long time ago. It’s the kind of cooking with precision, means you have your food, exactly how you want it cooked. The cooking is done by vacuum sealing the meat in a pouch and water cook to the desired temperature. This techniques is done using two ways: one by using sous vide machines(water oven) and the other, by using immersion circulators. Since, this article focuses more on the water oven, I will bring you back to discuss more of it.

Sous Vide Machines( water oven). It is one common machine used in this technique. It is bigger compared to the other machine. It is compact and its complete package. It comes out with its own water storage and it is more expensive. It has a larger water capacity, which runs from 6 gallons. And the more water it has, the more it can cook.

Maintenance. Sous vide machine( water oven) is also easy to clean this machine. You just have to pour water in and drain it out later. Just make sure that the pouch is clean inside out, before you start cooking,

What can you cook? There is variety of food, that you can cook in the machine, such as: meat, fish, vegetables and eggs. The advantage of this technique is that it preserved the nutrients of the food and the uniformity of how the part is done. It is so, because the temperature of the oven is controlled. Unlike the traditional way of cooking in the pan or oven, where the temperature depends of which part of the oven or the pan the food is place. So, there is overcooking in some parts of the meat, than the other.

Price. Sous vide machine(water oven) is more expensive than the other type. It runs around 650 dollars, but, it is mostly designed for commercial or professional cooking. It has a big wattage and it can cook large amount of food at once.

As sous vide is becoming more popular in the world, equipments are also becoming in demand and choosing what to buy is becoming a time consuming effort. Before deciding to buy one, consider what is it you wanted? Do you intend to do business or you will use it commercially? Or you just want to cook at times, for family and some lucky friends.

If your intention is for commercial cooking, it is advised that you buy the water oven. With its capacity to hold and cook large amount of food at a single time, it will be productive and profitable to use this kind of machine. But, if it’s the other way and you are just into hobby cooking, better settle for the less expensive and smaller immersion circulators.

It will also be a big help, if you will ask for suggestions from your friends, families and relatives, who have long been in sous vide cooking. They surely know the best machine that is good for you to start with. Anyway, cooking is an art and the more you indulge in it, the more you learn and the more you will become creative. So, the better the machine is, the more it has functionality and the more you can enjoy its usefulness. Happy cooking.