Do you need a sous vide temperature probe?

Do you need a sous vide temperature probe?

When we first got our sous vide machine, we had to find out whether or not we really needed a sous vide temperature probe. We were on the fence about whether or not they were actually necessary or not, so we decided not to get one. We figured that if we actually needed one, it would be quite apparent and then we could get one later.

After cooking with our sous vide machine for a few weeks, we noticed that the temperatures weren’t always accurate on the machine. We figured that there was always gonna be some type of fluctuation, however even recipes that were highly rated, were coming up with inconsistent meat texture.

At this point we decided that we are going to need a sous vide temperature probe. Ever since we got one, our meat has been coming out much better. It’s kind of amazing how much having the correct temperature can impact sous vide cooking. It’s a lot different than cooking on a grill, where all the heat is pretty much even around. You’re also not having to deal with the temperature as much when you’re cooking on the grill. All you have to ensure is that there is a flame and that the grill has been heated for at least five minutes.

However, that’s obviously not the case with sous vide cooking. That’s why we recommend that if anyone is going to be cooking sous vide , that they get a sous vide temperature probe. It’s a purchase it’s very inexpensive and one that you will not regret.

Now we know that a lot of sous vide machines do come with temperature probes on them. However, you need to make sure that they are highly reviewed machine and not one of the cheap ones. A lot of manufacturers throw sous vide temperature probes on the machine as a selling feature. However, they don’t actually put a lot of design into the sous vide temperature probe. It’s more of an after effect and kind of a side feature. It’s kind of like having a glossy paint job on your car. It doesn’t serve much purpose and is more of a cosmetic feature than a practical one. However, this isn’t the case if you get a high-end sous vide machine.