Cooking Egg Yolks Sous Vide

Cooking Egg Yolks Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking is the latest technique to come out of the professional kitchens and into the homes of foodies or amateur cooking enthusiasts. Best cooking egg yolks sous vide at home is now possible for the absolute method to the release of new appliances that make it very easy.

Elevate the egg with this simple technique that yields a deliciously and bright yellow yolk. With this recipe remove the egg white and focus on the yolk itself.

Cooking egg yolks sous vide:

Eggs are composed of sets of proteins that gel in predictable ways at very specific combination of time and temperature. The time and temperature will vary until you find the texture that you prefer.


  • Egg yolk
  • Oil

Preparation method:

Heat the water bath at temperature 144 degrees Fahrenheit / 62 degree Celsius. The lower the temperature will runnier the yolk.

Now find a small and deep tray that is ideal with a lip. That should fit in the water bath. A flat bottomed container keeps the yolks separate during cooking.

Fill a pan with oil and will support convection within the oil as well as insulated the surface to ensure even cooking.

Separate the egg yolks from white. You have to pass the yolk from one hand to other and slip the yolks into the oil.

Gently stir the oil by moving the spoon in between the yolks. Take care not to crowd the pan and to remove it without ruining the others.

Set the pan into the water bath and the water should be above the level of the oil but it should not spill into the pan.

Cover the pan with lid and cook sous vide for one hour.

The yolks will hang out in the water bath for another one to two hours before they become too thick.