Sous Vide Machines (Water Oven)

This article will focus more about sous vide machine (or sometimes referred to as water oven). But before we proceed, it is important to give some emphasis on the term “ sous vide “. What it is and how it is done.

Sous Vide: Sous vide is the kind of cooking food that is considered an untraditional way. It is believed that this technique of cooking has been practice long time ago. It’s the kind of cooking with precision, means you have your food, exactly how you want it cooked. The cooking is done by vacuum sealing the meat in a pouch and water cook to the desired temperature. This techniques is done using two ways: one by using sous vide machines(water oven) and the other, by using immersion circulators. Since, this article focuses more on the water oven, I will bring you back to discuss more of it.

Sous Vide Machines( water oven). It is one common machine used in this technique. It is bigger compared to the other machine. It is compact and its complete package. It comes out with its own water storage and it is more expensive. It has a larger water capacity, which runs from 6 gallons. And the more water it has, the more it can cook.

Maintenance. Sous vide machine( water oven) is also easy to clean this machine. You just have to pour water in and drain it out later. Just make sure that the pouch is clean inside out, before you start cooking,

What can you cook? There is variety of food, that you can cook in the machine, such as: meat, fish, vegetables and eggs. The advantage of this technique is that it preserved the nutrients of the food and the uniformity of how the part is done. It is so, because the temperature of the oven is controlled. Unlike the traditional way of cooking in the pan or oven, where the temperature depends of which part of the oven or the pan the food is place. So, there is overcooking in some parts of the meat, than the other.

Price. Sous vide machine(water oven) is more expensive than the other type. It runs around 650 dollars, but, it is mostly designed for commercial or professional cooking. It has a big wattage and it can cook large amount of food at once.

As sous vide is becoming more popular in the world, equipments are also becoming in demand and choosing what to buy is becoming a time consuming effort. Before deciding to buy one, consider what is it you wanted? Do you intend to do business or you will use it commercially? Or you just want to cook at times, for family and some lucky friends.

If your intention is for commercial cooking, it is advised that you buy the water oven. With its capacity to hold and cook large amount of food at a single time, it will be productive and profitable to use this kind of machine. But, if it’s the other way and you are just into hobby cooking, better settle for the less expensive and smaller immersion circulators.

It will also be a big help, if you will ask for suggestions from your friends, families and relatives, who have long been in sous vide cooking. They surely know the best machine that is good for you to start with. Anyway, cooking is an art and the more you indulge in it, the more you learn and the more you will become creative. So, the better the machine is, the more it has functionality and the more you can enjoy its usefulness. Happy cooking.

Check Out The Best Possible Details Regarding Sous Vide food safety concerns!

Check Out The Best Possible Details Regarding Sous Vide food safety concerns!

With sous vide cooking become more and more popular, several food safety concerns have been raised in recent times. At our own level, we have tried the best to gather details regarding Sous Vide food safety concerns and help out the needy individuals with correct information. In our article, we are mainly covering plastic, time and temperature safety which help in sorting out some serious concerns associated with the safety of sous food.

One need to remember sous is basically a new and untested technique of cooking. It does carry a good number of inheriting health risks that should not be overlooked. Any individual underestimating the sous food risk level might be forced to deal with some severe health problems in near future. Our Sous Vide food safety concerns are primarily based on following factors:

  1. Cooking in Plastic – Cooking in plastic has raised many tough questions and frequently people ask whether it is a dangerous practice or not. According to many scientists and experienced chefs, cooking in plastic and that too at low temperature will not result in any risk. The temperature is nearly equal to the leaving a bottle in your car in the summer season.
  2. Cooking time and temperature – Generally, individuals are a bit worried about cooking food at low temperature but they need to understand the danger zone concept carefully. If our food is cooked in the temperature range of 40°F to140°F, there is every possibility of bacteria growth. There is a strict need to maintain precision temperature control while executing sous vide cooking and make it as safe as other traditional cooking methods.

The time concern is a bit different for restaurants and home cooks. The main reason behind concern is the food which is served right away or the food being held for a long time in refrigerator or freezer. The most common misconception regarding cooking temperature is the need to kill bugs but it is only part of the equation. People generally miss the amount of time the food is kept at a certain temperature which is so important.

Plastic, time and temperature should be handled carefully if you are willing to erase all Sous Vide food safety concerns. It is not typical at all to understand these aspects and cook a perfectly delicious food by making use of sous vide cooking technique. Sous vide cooking is just safe like traditional cooking methods but all it requires a little research and proper application.

Is Sous-vide Cooking worth it?

Is Sous-vide Cooking worth it?

Sous Vide Cooking is becoming more popular in all over the world due to its easiest and healthiest means of cooking. And, it is difficult to find the home without the Sous Vide equipment. Nowadays, almost all home own the Sous Vide equipment to cook their favorite food in an easy manner. Do you know one thing? The Sous vide cooking is very simple and anyone can cook their favorite foods with the Sous vide cooking. It saves your cooking time and allows you to cook any kind of recipes in an efficient way.

Is Sous Vide cooking worth?

Yes, the Sous Vide cooking is really worth your time. It is easy to cook your favorite recipes and in the Sous vide cooking, the temperature control is very important and the Sous Vide cooking requires a temperature controlled water bath to cook food. In the Sous Vide cooking, you just place the food in a sealed vacuum bag. After that, you have to place the sealed bag in a water bath and adjust the temperature. Let the food to cook for more than normal cooking hours. Temperature adjustment depends on the type of food.

Sous Vide Equipment:

Do you hear about Sous Vide Equipment here before? What is it? It is nothing but an equipment that is particularly used for Sous vide cooking. The Sous Vide equipment comes in a wide range of different colors, sizes, and several different user-friendly features. Over the last few years, the Sous Vide Equipment becomes affordable and easier to use in every home kitchen and small restaurants.

I hope you’ve understood the importance of Sous Vide cooking in a detailed manner through this post. So, buy the best Sous Vide equipment to cook your favorite recipes in an easy manner.

Easy Sous Vide Cooking

Easy Sous Vide Cooking

Do you hear about Sous Vide Cooking? What is it? Don’t have a single idea about this? Looking to gather more knowledge about the easy Sous vide cooking? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. We all know that the Sous vide cooking is an excellent and easiest way of cooking our favorite recipes. This type of cooking does not take much time and you can easily cook the food without wasting your time.

Cooking technique of Sous Vide Cooking:

Do you know the cooking technique of Sous vide cooking? Want to know the technique? Read this part to know the technique of Sous Vide cooking. It is a method of cooking in which the food is placed in an airtight bag. After that, the bag will be placed in a water bath. And, let it cook for more than normal cooking times.

Sous vide cooking is becoming more popular in almost every home kitchens. This is an excellent way to cook your favorite food.

Sous Vide cooking recipes:

Do you like to know the Sous Vide Cooking recipes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This article clearly tells you some of the easiest Sous vide cooking recipes. Are you ready to know?

By using this technique, you can cook various kinds of recipes that include Beef short ribs, salmon, carrots, beef filets, Sous Vide poached eggs, Sous Vide salmon, and so on.

If you want more tips and recipes for Sous vide cooking, you find those recipes from They will teach you a lot of simple and complex dishes so that you can cook hundreds of favorite foods in an easy manner.

These are all about the easy Sous vide cooking and I hope you’ve found the best and easiest way to cook your favorite recipes.

The Importance Benefits of Using Sous Vide Machines

Today people want to buy advanced equipments and home appliances to simply avoid more difficulties in the regular life. The cooking is a regular activity in every home and it requires more time and energy to complete. It is a modern world so people could use advanced cooking equipments to make foods very quickly as well as tasty. The sous vide machine is a new equipment that is really useful to make tastier recipes without more difficulties. In these days people can buy more useful sous vide machines through online stores and other exclusive shops. The users could gain many exclusive benefits if they are cooking recipes through sous vide equipments. It is a latest trend of cooking foods and it’s now used by many restaurants and home.

The Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking 

The food is very important for each and every human being so people have to prepare foods in their house regularly. The sous vide equipments might be great medium to make recipes because it contains many benefits.

  • Healthier results
  • Effective tenderness and textures
  • stress free food preparation
  • It’s perfect to cook every time
  • Money saver
  • Bulk food preparation

These benefits are very essential for people so they can buy sous vide equipments to enjoy the cooking. It contains vacuum sealing that never loses any vitamins and minerals while cooking recipes. The sous vide machine could help people to make delicious recipes that are definitely very tasty to eat. Normal cooking method may be affected by any reasons so users may face situation to eta unhealthy and tasteless recipes. The users need to use more energies to prepare normal recipes but a brand new sous vide machine doesn’t require higher temperature and energy to make recipes. However sous vide machine users could save some money by lower energy consumption. The quick food preparation is another benefit of sous vide machine and users could save more time from cooking tasty recipes. The neat food preparation result is a common expectation of people who are cooking recipes. The sous vide equipments provide a consistent results over cooking recipes so users don’t need any worry about result of foods. The increased shelf life is another exclusive benefit of using sous vide machine to cook recipes. The sous vide cooking foods can be cooled simply if needed so users can avoid taste issues of recipes.

The Common Accessories of Sous Vide Machines          

The sous vide machine is a right method to cook any kind of recipes quickly as well as smoothly. The sous vide machine is not so expensive and it is quite useful to prepare recipes without losing nutrients. Actually sous vide machine contains four important accessories such as embossed sealer rolls, vacuum sealer bags, sous vide thermometer with probe kit and other chef accessory pack. The users could avoid tension about cooking recipes if they are using advanced best sous vide immersion circulator reviews 2017. It can be long-lasting if they are buying this machine from branded stores

How to do Sous Vide cooking at your Home?

How to do Sous Vide cooking at your Home?

Do you like to cook your favorite food? Looking for the new way to cook your food? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to introduce one excellent cooking method that allows you to cook your food in a different manner. Are you eagerly waiting to know that way? If you continue reading this article, you’ll definitely know the different cooking method. It’s nothing but the excellent DIY Sous Vide cooking. Are you ready to know? Lets’ go and read.

Sous Vide cooking:

It’s nothing but the Sous vide cooking. Do you know about Sous vide cooking? Saying no, then it’s not a problem. A Sous Vide cooking is nothing but a method of cooking that cooks your food in an efficient way. In this method of cooking, you need to place the food in an airtight plastic bag. And, the bag is placed in a water bath for more than normal cooking times.

Why Sous Vide Cooking?

A Sous Vide cooking is the easiest way of cooking that helps you to cook your favorite food in an easy manner.

You can cook hundreds and thousands of recipes by this method.

DIY Sous Vide Cooking:

How to do Sous Vide cooking? This is the question that comes to your mind when you’re looking to cook your favorite food. Am I right? Prepare the ingredients that you need to cook your favorite food. And, mix all the ingredients in an airtight bag. After that, place the air tight bag in the water bath. And, cook the food for more than 96 hours.

These are all about the Sous vide cooking. Hope you’ve understood the DIY Sous Vide cooking in a detailed manner through this post. Cook your hundreds of favorite recipes by Sous Vide cooking.

Cooking Egg Yolks Sous Vide

Cooking Egg Yolks Sous Vide

Sous vide cooking is the latest technique to come out of the professional kitchens and into the homes of foodies or amateur cooking enthusiasts. Best cooking egg yolks sous vide at home is now possible for the absolute method to the release of new appliances that make it very easy.

Elevate the egg with this simple technique that yields a deliciously and bright yellow yolk. With this recipe remove the egg white and focus on the yolk itself.

Cooking egg yolks sous vide:

Eggs are composed of sets of proteins that gel in predictable ways at very specific combination of time and temperature. The time and temperature will vary until you find the texture that you prefer.


  • Egg yolk
  • Oil

Preparation method:

Heat the water bath at temperature 144 degrees Fahrenheit / 62 degree Celsius. The lower the temperature will runnier the yolk.

Now find a small and deep tray that is ideal with a lip. That should fit in the water bath. A flat bottomed container keeps the yolks separate during cooking.

Fill a pan with oil and will support convection within the oil as well as insulated the surface to ensure even cooking.

Separate the egg yolks from white. You have to pass the yolk from one hand to other and slip the yolks into the oil.

Gently stir the oil by moving the spoon in between the yolks. Take care not to crowd the pan and to remove it without ruining the others.

Set the pan into the water bath and the water should be above the level of the oil but it should not spill into the pan.

Cover the pan with lid and cook sous vide for one hour.

The yolks will hang out in the water bath for another one to two hours before they become too thick.

Do you need a sous vide temperature probe?

Do you need a sous vide temperature probe?

When we first got our sous vide machine, we had to find out whether or not we really needed a sous vide temperature probe. We were on the fence about whether or not they were actually necessary or not, so we decided not to get one. We figured that if we actually needed one, it would be quite apparent and then we could get one later.

After cooking with our sous vide machine for a few weeks, we noticed that the temperatures weren’t always accurate on the machine. We figured that there was always gonna be some type of fluctuation, however even recipes that were highly rated, were coming up with inconsistent meat texture.

At this point we decided that we are going to need a sous vide temperature probe. Ever since we got one, our meat has been coming out much better. It’s kind of amazing how much having the correct temperature can impact sous vide cooking. It’s a lot different than cooking on a grill, where all the heat is pretty much even around. You’re also not having to deal with the temperature as much when you’re cooking on the grill. All you have to ensure is that there is a flame and that the grill has been heated for at least five minutes.

However, that’s obviously not the case with sous vide cooking. That’s why we recommend that if anyone is going to be cooking sous vide , that they get a sous vide temperature probe. It’s a purchase it’s very inexpensive and one that you will not regret.

Now we know that a lot of sous vide machines do come with temperature probes on them. However, you need to make sure that they are highly reviewed machine and not one of the cheap ones. A lot of manufacturers throw sous vide temperature probes on the machine as a selling feature. However, they don’t actually put a lot of design into the sous vide temperature probe. It’s more of an after effect and kind of a side feature. It’s kind of like having a glossy paint job on your car. It doesn’t serve much purpose and is more of a cosmetic feature than a practical one. However, this isn’t the case if you get a high-end sous vide machine.